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Transformational Coaching

Supporting women on their unique journey of motherhood... and beyond

I specialise in helping women feel confident, powerful and excited by life, secure in the knowledge that they have the resources they need to face the challenges that inevitably crop up.  I help them get back to the sort of person they want to be.

When women find me they are often tired, stressed and feel that everything is just too much.  They are doing more than their fair share, maybe at work, maybe at home - maybe they're juggling both and often they feel like nobody really understands just how much they do.


Does this sound like you?

  • You're utterly exhausted and sometimes unable to articulate a sentence or even think coherently?

  • You know that you 'should' go to bed early but find yourself brainlessly scrolling through social media or playing Candy Crush?

  • You recognise that physical sensation of not being able to stay upright or keep your eyes open properly yet still forcing yourself to do 'one more thing' - like sorting socks, really inefficiently, at midnight?

  • Are there times when you get snappy and bitchy to the people you love?

  • Do you have the feeling that if you don't do something then nobody will?

  • And yet, if they did do it?   Well!  It wouldn't be done right anyway - why can't anybody stack plates properly, it's not rocket science is it?

  • Are you quickly irritated by people and situations that you'd once have shrugged off easily?

  • Have people taken to walking on eggshells around you, frightened in case they say the wrong thing?

  • Do you miss having fun with your family or enjoying a good giggle over something silly that just happened?

  • Has asking for help turned into nagging?  Or worse, have you just stopped communicating all together because it feels like a waste of breath?

  • Do you daydream about escaping it all to live alone and yet you have an overwhelming sense of responsibility to those who depend on you?


I recognise all of those things from times in my life as a mother and in the workplace - although I don't think I displayed all of the unhelpful behaviours at work, funny how we reserve that for the people who love us most (and then feel rotten about it afterwards).  That was definitely not the sort of mother, partner or colleague that I wanted to be.

Nowadays, after a lot of self development, I'm generally calmer, happier and more relaxed - not always of course, everybody has their moments!  But when I feel myself getting stressy I have tools and resources that I know work and I can choose a different way of responding. 


Life feels easier somehow and I feel blessed everyday for the people and opportunities I have around me.


What if things were different?


Would you like to be more relaxed about life?  More confident in asking for what you need in a way that gets the response you'd like?  Would you like to stop being the kill-joy and have more fun with the people you love?  

How would it be if life just felt easier?  Less like an endurance test and more enjoyable?

What if you could feel more in control but without having to work so hard at managing everything?

"Ten weeks ago I was a mess... Now look at me - I'm no longer a passenger in my own life!" LW 


How can I help?


I offer a powerful coaching programme for women who are ready to make changes in an area of their life - at work, or at home, or in a relationship - women who may be feeling tired and stressed but who want to be a little bolder, happier, more relaxed.  Women who want more energy and more balance in their lives and want to escape the overwhelm they might be feeling.

During the programme you can expect to be fully heard, something that can be difficult if you're used to feeling that others don't listen to you.  I will hold space while you articulate what you need and help you find a way to express yourself so that others take notice. 

You'll also get to meet five strong female archetypes - and learn how to work with these as a way of developing your strengths and using your energy in a different, more enjoyable and sustainable way.  Harnessing the power of these archetypes will allow you to deal with challenges differently than you've done before.


So, what is the programme?

  • It’s a twelve-session tailored programme designed to:

- help you transform an area of your life which is causing you frustration
- let go of the habits of 'Superwoman' and create better results with less push and more flow
- learn how to use a different way to achieve plenty, without burnout and without sacrificing those things which are most important to you.

  • In the first session we identify your intentions for the programme and any barriers to your success - from that I will draw on dozens of tools and exercises to tailor the best program to help you get the results you want to see.

  • Each week or so we'll have a session in person or online - these are a blend of coaching, teaching, mentoring and include some guided relaxations.

  • Between these sessions you'll work on integration exercises or creating changes in your life.  Many of the exercises are fun and playfulness is actively encouraged!  Exercises may include (but are not limited to) meditations, quizzes, dancing, journaling, mindful tea drinking or doing something outside your comfort zone.


  • I will hold you to account for taking action throughout the programme - this accountability helps to maintain focus and get good habits ingrained.

  • By the end of the 12 sessions you can expect a profound shift in how you approach everything in life, and significant results in the area we focus on for the programme.


How do others feel after completing the programme?

"I am more assertive, I've learnt it's OK to say no and not feel guilty." Beth

"Better. Clearer. Calmer. More focused. More fun!!" LW


Would you like some of that?



The investment for this powerful programme is just £1500

That includes all twelve coaching sessions, the Womens' PowerType Profile test, a beautiful set of PowerType cards, all the tools and resources used during the programme, email support between sessions and a complimentary follow up call after completion.

Payment can be arranged as three instalments if required.

If you are able to pay in full at booking I have an extra bonus for you - two further coaching sessions to be used flexibly, either during the programme or afterwards, to dive deeper into something that's come up or for a specific project - you decide!


Changes that clients have noticed:

  • Being calmer

  • Eating better without feeling deprived

  • Better work / life balance

  • Overcoming fears and feeling braver

  • Saying 'No' when appropriate - and not feeling guilty!

  • Finding others are more helpful

  • Better at dealing with conflict

  • Noticing the good things in life more

  • Being less bothered by what others have

  • Having more fun


So, what now?

Coaching is a partnership - we have to know that we are a good fit. 


I know this programme works brilliantly for women who are ready to change and prepared to do the work required.  It's a commitment of time, money and emotional energy - but so worth the investment.


You need to know that I'm the right coach for you, and I need to ensure you're ready for the journey. 

So we start with a phone call.  It's completely free and without obligation.  At the end of the call, when I know how I can help you, I'll ask you if you're ready to sign onto the programme, take a payment and schedule our first session - exciting! 


If you're not quite ready at that point I might suggest some other options - it's just a conversation for us to get to know each other because, if we are a good fit, then I'm confident I can help you get to where you want to be.  And let's face it, if you've read this far you recognise that working with me is probably what you need!

To book your Curiosity Call ust get in touch and we can schedule it at a time that suits us both

I look forward to hearing from you,

Lisa x

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