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Infant Feeding & New Baby Class

If you're pregnant, or expecting a baby, and thinking about infant feeding / lactation, I offer either one-to-one education via Zoom or in your own home (subject to Covid restrictions).  When demand warrants it I offer group classes via Zoom.


Most women and birthing people will be able to breastfeed / chestfeed their babies if they want to and get good support.  For the small number who can't produce enough milk to meet all of baby's requirements, the act of nursing your baby still has many benefits for you both and it may be possible to supplement your baby while nursing at the breast.


Understanding how your body works to prepare for feeding your baby and then how your body will work with your baby to develop a good milk supply makes a huge difference to your confidence in the early days with your new baby.   Topics include: normal newborn behaviour, the principles of comfortable and effective latching, how to optimise your milk supply and practical information about early days with your new baby.  Private classes can be customised to your circumstances.

For those parents expecting a baby via adoption or surragacy, or for those who want to lactate / relactate without pregnancy I can offer planning sessions to explore your options and /or support with feeding - please get in touch to discuss.



Postnatal Support

However you're feeding your baby the early days are a time of adjustment and transformation.  Whether it's your first baby or your umpteenth it's usually a tiring time and you may feel overwhelmed to start with.
Postnatal visits or consultations via Zoom are available to supplement the care you'll receive from your community midwives and allow an unhurried appointment to talk about any concerns you have and help with feeding your baby.  The aim is to leave you feeling calm and confident in your ability to meet all of your baby's needs.


Often a little bit of help and support in the early days can get breastfeeding / chestfeeding off to a really good start so that baby is feeding well and doesn't cause pain or damage to the feeding parent.

If you have decided to formula feed your baby it's still important to practise responsive, paced feeding and this can be discussed during a postnatal consultation.

Breastfeeding / Chestfeeding Consultations

Sometimes more challenging or longstanding issues may require a longer appointment. I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and can assist with breastfeeding / chestfeeding and lactation at all stages.  Follow up by email / text is included in the initial consultation fee.

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