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Helping midwives, health visitors, doulas, IBCLCs, antenatal educators and other birthworkers feel confident and powerful in their personal and professional lives.

I have a vision of maternity services that are respectful, kind and supportive - both for the women, birthing people and families using them and the staff working in them.   I know that many others share that vision and long to give person-centred care that recognises their professional expertise as well as the autonomy and knowlege of the people they serve.  Care that is collaborative and recognises that birthwork is a vocation that's based on relationships.

I know that by supporting birthworkers to feel confident and empowered they can then support each other, and the people they care for, more effectively.

The current system is sometimes harsh and exhausting but we can create ripples of change and the more of us doing that the better.

As a coach and trainer I offer personal coaching, group programmes and workshops to birthworkers, healthcare professionals and students - many incorporate the One of many™ tools and resources.

Examples of workshops and training sessions are shown below - get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Three shifts for more satisfaction at work and better work-life balance With Lisa Thompson
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