Your Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile Test

The Warrioress. The Lover. The Queen. The Mother. The Sorceress.


Every woman has access to these five Women’s PowerTypes™. 


The way you express them is unique to you – and your Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile is your key to discovering your individual leadership style. 


Knowing which PowerTypes™ come naturally to you, and which are waiting for you to explore, makes all the difference when it comes to you being the most effective leader you can be: at work, at home, and however you want to make a difference in the world.

One of Many™, the organisation I trained with as a coach, offer the online test for $97 (£77) here (but carry on reading for a special offer):

Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile Test & Power Coaching Session

I offer the Women's PowerTypes™ profile with a 'Power' coaching session for just £99.  This includes the test as detailed above (value £77) and a 60-75 minute minute personal coaching call (value £150) on whatever you'd like to focus on - a massive discount of over 50%.


You could use this Power session to:

  • gain clarity on a problem you're facing

  • make a plan for a project

  • get motivated for lifestyle changes


Some women just want to try coaching and see if it works for them before booking a full programme, and that's great too!  If, after this call, you decide to continue with the full twelve session programme - details here - I'll adjust the investment to reflect the fee already paid.

For this option book your session via the button below - make sure there's at least 48 hours before the session itself so you can complete the PowerTypes™  profile test.  I'll send  you a unique code for  test & a link - it usually come soon after booking your session but can sometimes take up to 24 hours..

I look forward to getting to know you :-)