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Being a daughter

How experience lights our path - and what we can do if we'd rather find a different way


Has life become hard work right now?  Are you overwhelmed, doing more than your fair share and feeling resentful?  Do you find yourself snapping at the people you love most?  Do you feel you're letting people down?


Many of the women I work with find me when they get to this point.  They want life to feel a bit easier and have a bit more fun, while still meeting the responsibilities that are important to them, but they're not sure how to make that happen.  They feel they've travelled too far down the wrong path and can't see how to find their way again.

One of the carers in my mother's care-home always tells me, "you're just like your mum," while my mother tells me that various traits, "must have come from your father," and I recognise that I have quirks and behaviours that directly mirror both of them, or sometimes are a result of trying to be different.


We are all a product of our experience - not just within families but within our friendship groups, our schools and workplaces, our communities and the society we live in.  But the earliest, and often strongest, influence is the family group we grow up in.

When I speak to women in the course of my work I often hear what being a daughter means to them, about how it's shaped them, set them on the path to adulthood and is still there in the actions and behaviours of their day-to-day life.  Particularly in my work with pregnant women or new mothers, that transition brings up many thoughts and beliefs around the relationship of children and parents - especially that mother / daughter interplay that can be so beautiful yet complex.

  • Do you love being compared to your mother but worry you are falling short of her example?

  • Or does that comparison make you uncomfortable and you'd rather be nothing like her?

  • Maybe you were treated differently to the boys and feel you've missed out?

  • Did the community you grew up in have certain expectations of daughters that haven't helped you feel fulfilled?

  • Are you now a mother to a daughter and want to do things differently for her?

If you're now at a point on your path, maybe a fork or a crossing, that feels significant and you'd like to explore whether choosing a new path is possible, this is an ideal workshop for you.


In this half-day workshop you'll explore how the experience of being a daughter shapes the women you've become - sometimes in surprising ways - and learn practical first steps to choosing how you want to show up as an adult.


By the end of the workshop you'll:


  • Recognise how your unique experience as a daughter has shaped you

  • Identify exactly how that influences your life now

  • Learn quick and easy ways to 'pause' if you find yourself acting in ways you don't like, then choose how you'd rather respond

  • Identify further steps to 'unlearn' and release unhelpful behaviour and create a life with more ease, more grace and more fun

  • Enjoy a guided relaxation for confidence & calm


A downloadable workbook is included for you to make the most out of the event and continue making changes after the workshop ends.


You'll also get a downloadable audio of the relaxation after the workshop - this is yours to use whenever you need to find that calm confidence again.

Group size for this workshop is limited to 12 participants.

Ask for dates and times of future events

Venue: Online (via Zoom) or my Caerphilly office

Investment: £67



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