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Rediscover Me!

Not Just A Mum

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A very special group programme for mothers who are ready to rediscover who they are besides being a mum.

You know how it goes - everybody talks about self-care and doing stuff you enjoy... then you realise that you're not quite sure what you do enjoy anymore - or maybe you never really had much of a clue!

You love being a mum, but it can feel a bit relentless at times - and sadly, the emotional labour of running a household, parenting, maintaining a relationship and all the other bits of life still seems to fall disproportionately to women a lot of the time, even if they are in a loving relationship.


  • Do you find yourself feeling resentful and wishing that you could could ask for help more easily? 

  • Or that there's not much fun in your life and you want that to change? 

  • Or that you need better boundaries at home, at work or with your friends?

This four month programme will help you explore what you want from life and how to get it - while still fulfilling the responsibilities that are important to you.  You'll travel with a small group of women facing similar challenges and create a powerful support network that will last beyond the programme.

The programme is based on the One of many
Soft Power Principles with a focus on how they can help you feel confident, fulfilled and replenished as a woman and a mother.  You will meet the five Women's PowerTypes™ and learn how using them in day-to-day situations helps life run more smoothly.  The programme is a mix of individual coaching, live teaching with some guided visualisations, and small group coaching Circles. 


What's included?


We start with a 1:1 coaching session to look at where you are in life and where you want to be.

Then, we start the live teaching sessions (fortnightly) and the group coaching (alternate weeks) in Circles of no more than ten women.  

Between sessions you will build a network with the other women in your Circle via a FB, Messenger or WhatsApp group.

Towards the end of the programme we have another 1:1 coaching session to review just how far you've come and use a powerful visualisation to identify specific milestones for the future.

Also included in the programme is the One of many™ Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile Test to discover which of the PowerTypes™ already come easily to you and which could use some attention.

The Fortnightly Live Teaching

  • Session One: exploring themes from the world we live in and how that shapes us; letting go of the need to be Superwoman; the importance of replenishing, committing to more fun!

  • Session Two: emotions - the good, the bad and the ugly (hint, they're all just emotions); emotional first aid; creating the life we want, one interaction at a time.

  • Session Three: exploring our triggers; braindumping for clarity; hang out with the Warrioress PowerType™

  • Session Four: understanding what you need to be ok & making that happen;  invite the Lover PowerType™ into your life 

  • Session Five: identifying who you will sacrifice for - and who you won't; finding balance with the Mother PowerType™

  • Session Six: the importance of strong boundaries - and how to set them gracefully; saying no with confidence and clarity; step up to the Queen PowerType™

  • Session Seven: gratitude for abundance; crafting everyday rituals; connect with the Sorceress PowerType™

  • Session Eight: building networks of support; PowerType™ integration; celebrating success; trusting the magic of life.


Sessions will be recorded and available if you can't attend live.

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