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Three Step Rewind for Health Care Professionals and Birthworkers


Being present at a difficult birth can affect health care professionals in different ways.  Sometimes the distressing feelings are difficult to shift and can even lead to time off work or an ongoing anxiety about supporting and caring for people in labour.

The Three Step Rewind method is a gentle but effective way of releasing unhelpful feelings and behaviours that may be causing distress.  As a midwife myself I understand how important it is for birthworkers to deal effectively with the after effects of difficult situations in order to provide calm, confident care to others.  I also understand the importance of confidentiality and the Rewind technique can be used without any sensitive information being disclosed.

Suitable for doctors, midwives, maternity care assistants, paramedics, doulas or anybody working within maternity / birth services.

Two sessions, via Zoom, with relaxation audios between and follow up by telephone or Zoom, are usually enough to make a significant difference to everyday life and leave people facing the future with renewed confidence and calm.

Consultations can also take place in your own home if local to me - additional fees will apply, please ask.

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