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About Me


I'm not going to bore you with a chronology of my life - to be honest it's not been exactly linear!

I had children young so am now blessed with two talented and funny young men who are living their own lives.  I wasn't a perfect parent - is there such a thing?  In fact I'm sure I made some monumental mistakes.  I think they love me and forgive me though.

I've worked in loads of different jobs... mostly in the public sector - police service, schools, the NHS.  I've also done odd jobs including barmaid, potwasher, proofreader and icecream-seller in the theatre.  Yes, with one of those enormous usherette trays around my neck!  I've been a trainer, designed offices, organised systems and dealt with 999 emergencies.  I was very good at all the of the things I fell into but I didn't really have a 'proper' career till I went to university and trained as a midwife in my thirties.

It felt like my feet had been on the path to midwifery for a long time before that and, for me at least, midwifery isn't just about being there when women, or birthing people, have babies.  I'm much more interested in their journey into and through motherhood or parenthood and the transformations that happen as they grow and develop.  I love seeing women step into their power whether that's during birth or in their everyday life.

I also know that that journey, and how we feel about ourselves as mothers or parents, is heavily influenced by our childhood experiences.  Many of us have experienced life events such as bereavement, divorce or loss of other kinds.  I believe we are, all of us, doing the very best we can with what we know and what we've got.  I also believe we learn and grow and then we strive to do better. 


I've journeyed through dark times of depression and spent a long time learning to let go of unhelpful thoughts and behaviours so I can live a life that's more joyful, less grey.  Nowadays I can honestly say I feel blessed every day - l still have challenges to face but I feel optimistic and life is much more fun.


My Vision

My vision is of a world that's kinder, more tolerant and where everyone is valued for the uniqueness they bring.

A world where relationships are respectful, supportive and nurturing - not just our personal relationships but also those we have with the businesses that serve us, our employers and our public services.

A world where the choices we make about how we live our lives - how we raise our families, how we birth, how we work and the relationships we seek - are made from a place of confidence and knowledge, not fear and assumption.  Where we can celebrate success, in whatever form that takes, without fear of others getting defensive or shouting us down.

A world where we are confident to do our own thing, follow our own path, respectful of others but not unduly worried about whether we are being judged and definitely where we are happy enough not to compare ourselves to others or judge them for their choices.


My Mission

My mission is to help people feel confident, powerful and excited by their journey.   My focus is birth, motherhood and maternity systems because I believe that when mothers are well supported and confident their families benefit and that helps to build the world I want to live in.

My privilege is to walk beside women as they travel their unique path, helping them choose the right way for them, sometimes teaching them new skills and supporting them with compassion while they make the changes they need.

I firmly believe we are all more amazing than we give ourselves credit for - and we have an inner wisdom to guide us,  but that sometimes we need a little help along the way - I am grateful to be able to offer that help.  Will you accept it?


"My main objection before starting the coaching with Lisa was the thought that I'm an intelligent person; surely I should be able to work this stuff out for myself? I had a real need to try and do this "on my own", which I now understand is a misguided notion and me trying to control something at a time when I felt I had so little control over anything. I needed help, an outside opinion, someone to point out the right path...and hold my hand while I started on it."  LW

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