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Postnatal support / infant feeding support

Postnatal support / infant feeding support

A comprehensive consultation, including history taking, for any postnatal concerns including infant feeding.  If tongue tie or oral restriction is suspected the two hour consultation is recommended.


Consultations in my Caerphilly Office


120 mins - £135 - suitable for a full feeding assessment and support with breastfeeding plus oral examination and assessment of oral function together with tension release if needed - if we only need up to 90 mins we can use the remaining 30 mins for a follow up call (saves £10).


90 min - £105 - best for breastfeeding issues that don't involve tongue tie or oral restriction.  If we only use upto 60 mins then we can use the remaining 30 mins for a follow up call (saves £10).  If, during the consultation, it becomes apparent that oral restriction is an issue we can convert to the appropriate package.


60 min - £75 - for straightforward infant feeding / postnatal support or follow up of more complex issues.  If more time is needed it may be possible to add it at £30/30mins or another appointment may be required.



Follow on sessions - £40/30mins (Zoom or phone) or £75/60mins.


I can accommodate a small number of postnatal home visits - fees start at £130 if local to me.  


Payment is expected by bank transfer before the Zoom consultation.

  • Tongue Tie / Oral Restriction Package

    Coming soon - Tongue tie / Oral restriction package
    I am currently training as a tongue tie practitioner so cannot yet undertake frenulotomy (tongue tie division or 'snip') independently.  I currently offer a comprehensive oral assessment and, if necessary, perform some stretches and tension release exercises to help improve feeding.  I will also show you how to continue this work.  The fees above reflect the time needed for a full assessment and stretches alongside the feeding support that is also vital for these babies.  Sometimes this is all that's needed but if a frenulotomy is indicated, the preparation and work on improving feeding makes it more likely to be successful.

    When I have finished all my supervised frenulotomies and am able to provide a full tongue tie service I will be offering a package of care including two in-person consultations and a follow up.  In most cases the frenulotomy will not be performed on the initial session.   

    I anticipate the package will be around £300 (in Caerphilly) and will represent a saving against the cost of individual sessions.  In the meantime I will continue to signpost people to NHS and private services depending on their area.

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