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Online / Remote Consultations (April 2023 prices)

Online / Remote Consultations (April 2023 prices)

Although an in-person class or consultation has been the traditional way to access my perinatal services there may be times when that's just not possible or desirable.  That's where online or remote consultations are really useful.

Since March 2020 I've developed ways of making online consultations very effective - including for most breastfeeding challenges - and I'm pleased to continue offering online services even as Covid restrictions ease.


All consultations / classes are available as video appointments.  These can often be scheduled at fairly short notice and are cost effective because they avoid the travel costs / time of a home visit or coming to the office.


A short 10 min phone call is always free so we can work out the service that suits you best - I will always let you know if a home visit would be the best option, eg for some breastfeeding issues.

I can often accommodate short-notice appointments for urgent issues if you text / email and include a phone number so I can text you back.


Antenatal Consultations


Antenatal discussion - £75 for 60mins via Zoom

Breastfeeding, new baby or antenatal class - £105 for 90mins via Zoom.  Can include a guided relaxation with a recording to use afterwards.

Ongoing email support for brief questions arising from the session is included. 

If further antenatal sessions are required they start at £40 for 30mins.


Full KGHypnobirthing course available via Zoom - £375 (12 hours of teaching over 2-4 sessions plus downloadable audios and The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves)


Postnatal Consultations (including breastfeeding / infant feeding)


Initial Zoom consultation - £75 for 60mins or, for more more complicated issues, £105 for up to 90mins (if we only use up to an hour we can then schedule a 30min follow up at a later date). This includes the consultation, an email report afterwards and follow up by email / text for a week.  


(If it's straightforward latching with a newborn 60 mins is usually enough, some people like to book the long session and keep half an hour for a follow up session.)


Follow on sessions - £40/30mins or £75/60mins

Postnatal package (1x90min Zoom, 2x30min Zoom (to be used within 6 weeks of initial consultation) plus ongoing email/text support for 4 weeks after last Zoom session) - £180



Three Step Rewind (for birth or breastfeeding trauma)
Via Zoom / in my office for one person - £240  (two 90min sessions plus audios to practice with and a follow up session).  For couples the sessions may be a little longer and the fee is £295.

Transformational Wrap-Around Package
Full KGH Course;  breastfeeding class; pregnancy discussion & birth planning session; postnatal package plus Power Types profile test & debrief and two further coaching sessions (to be completed by 6 months postnatally) - £897 via Zoom (value over £1000, payment plan available)



  • Terms and Conditions & Consent Form (Online)

    You will be asked to confirm that you've read and agreed to these before the consultation.

    A Midwife is a specialist in normal pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.  In the event of deviations from normal you will be offered referral to or advised to contact appropriate medical expertise.  You are, of course, able to decline any such referral.

    An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant holds a professional qualification and is an expert in breastfeeding support and infant feeding. The IBCLC will recommend contacting a doctor about medical issues.

    The consultation may, as appropriate, include:
    * a detailed medical history of mother & infant/s,
    * an assessment of maternal / infant anatomy 
    * observation of feeding to evaluate technique and effectiveness of feeding,
    * recommendations for care during pregnancy, birth or postnatally,
    * recommendations for management to improve and / or resolve breastfeeding issues.

    The client and the Midwife / IBCLC each have responsibilities.  The client is asked to confirm the following:

    * I understand that I am responsible for informing the Midwife / IBCLC of changes I feel are necessary in the care plan at the time of the consultation or during the course of follow up communication.

    * I understand it is my responsibility to contact the Midwife / IBCLC with progress reports or questions. 

    * I understand that an in-person consultation or further online appointments are sometimes necessary and may incur additional fees.

    * I understand that equipment such as breast pumps may sometimes be recommended to manage specific situations and it will be my responsibility to acquire any such equipment. 

    * I understand that where breastfeeding is the aim there may be situations where the Midwife / IBCLC recommends appropriate use of supplementation. 

    * I understand that any change from a doctor's recommendations should be discussed with the doctor and that health care issues of a medical nature should be discussed with a doctor. 

    * I authorise the Midwife / IBCLC to provide my GP / HV or other HCP with information about this consultation at my request. 

    * I understand that the IBCLC may contact my GP / HV or other HCP if the IBCLC feels it necessary to consult with them and although this would usually be after discussion with myself, in the event of concerns about my safety or my baby's safety, the Midwife / IBCLC  has a legal obligation to refer / seek help.

    * I understand this is a paid-for service, separate to the NHS, and that payment is expected prior to or at the consultation.

    * I understand that my details and notes from the consultation will be kept in accordance with current data protection laws and I consent to this.

    * Online services will take place via Zoom, you may request that they are recorded and the recording made available to you - in these cases it will be sent via encypted file transfer services.  (MailBigFile)  

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