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I came to midwifery to help families get a great start in life - knowing that how a new mother feels impacts how she can care for her baby, and how those early relationships influence the rest of our lives.

I wanted to support good beginnings in families because families are the building blocks of communities and communities make up our country and our society.


I want to live in a compassionate, inclusive world where individuals matter - that's why I became a midwife.

It's the same reason I'm a coach - for me it's very like midwifery! I help people work out what's right for them, I support them through challenges and bear witness to their courage and strength (often that they didn't really believe they had).

I feel privileged and blessed to work with amazing people in both roles.


Amazing people who are often caught in very difficult circumstances - and that's what I see within maternity services right now... There are amazing people working in them, trying to do the best they can for the women, birthing people and families in their care... And feeling overwhelmed by the relentlessness of everything.


Staffing is low everywhere it seems, and demand is high. Midwives, and other staff, are exhausted and in some cases burning out or leaving the profession. The ones still working feel stretched even more. And in all of this we know that the people we serve aren't getting what we want them to have.

There doesn't seem to be an easy answer.

We can't just knit more midwives.

And I don't have an easy answer for all of it... But what I do know is that we need a way of thinking about maternity services, our communities and our world that is different. A way of being in the world that creates less burn out and enables us to collectively work towards something better.

It starts with each one of us - we need to start doing things differently:

  • replenish ourselves for the task ahead

  • create boundaries to keep ourselves safe and effective

  • invite connection with people who share our vision

  • become the leaders that we need - in our families, our teams and our communities.

Yes! Become the leaders that we need.

That means you!

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