VIP Wraparound Package

VIP Wraparound Package

Pregnancy, birth and parenthood are an amazing adventure but they are often daunting too - a time of huge changes... in your body, your relationships, in how you view yourself.  As a midwife and as a certified women's coach I am privileged to walk beside women and help them discover just how strong and amazing they really are.


This premium package includes:


  • the full KGH Birth Preparation course either in your own home (within 15 miles of my base) or by video link,
  • a breastfeeding or new baby class in pregnancy,
  • a postnatal package,
  • the Power Hour coaching deal and two further hours of coaching to be used as needed.  Two in pregnancy and another after baby is born usually works very well. 
  • Between sessions you will have access to me by email, text or phone, within business hours, for the length of your pregnancy and upto a month postnatally.


This package gives amazing value compared to the services booked separately (Total value is at least £1000) and is your opportunity to access my unique blend of midwifery experience, hypnobirthing knowledge, breastfeeding expertise and coaching tools - I don't think you'll find such a package very easily elsewhere.


Payment can be made with a deposit of £345 followed by two payments of £225 if required.


Schedule a no obligation curiousity call to see if I'm the right coach for you.



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