All Services - prices from 1st July 2021

All Services - prices from 1st July 2021

A short 10 min phone call is always free if you need help to work out the service that suits you best - let me know if you want that.

For bookings send me a text, WhatsApp message or email and we'll arrange a convenient time.  I can often accommodate short-notice appointments for urgent issues.


Antenatal Consultations


Antenatal discussion - £55 for 50mins via Zoom, includes email with any links etc afterwards

Infant feeding or antenatal class - £85 for 75-90mins via Zoom.  Can include a guided relaxation with an audio to use afterwards.  One or more sessions can be booked as a Hypnobirthing refresher for those who have completed a full course previously.

Ongoing email support for brief questions arising from the session is included.  If further antenatal sessions are required for more in depth discussion they start at £35 for 30mins (Zoom or phone).


Full KGHypnobirthing course available via Zoom - £360 (12 hours of teaching over 2-4 sessions plus downloadable audios and The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves)


Sessions in your own home can be discussed in context of Covid restrictions - additional fees will apply & PPE will be used if home visits agreed.


Postnatal Consultations (including breastfeeding / chestfeeding / infant feeding)


Initial Zoom consultation - £55 for 50mins or, for more more complicated issues, £85 for up to 90mins (if we only use up to an hour we can then schedule a 30min follow up at a later date). This includes the consultation, an email report afterwards and follow up by email / text for one week.  


(If it's straightforward latching with a newborn, 50 mins is usually enough - some people like to book the long session and keep half an hour for a follow up session.)


Follow on sessions (Zoom or phone) - £35/30mins or £55/50mins.

Extended email / text support for additional four weeks after initial consultation or follow up session - £15


Postnatal package (1x90min Zoom, 2x30min Zoom (to be used within 6 weeks of initial consultation) plus ongoing email/text support for 4 weeks after last Zoom session) - £160


I can accommodate a small number of postnatal home visits - fees start at £120 if local to me (15miles of NP11 7JS - additional charges beyond that).  PPE is used for home visits and visits are subject to a risk assessment immediately before travel.


Three Step Rewind (for birth or breastfeeding trauma)

Contact Lisa for a no-obligation, free call (15mins) to see if this is the right service for you.


Via Zoom for one person - £180 (two 90min sessions plus audios to practice with and a 30min follow up session)  For couples the sessions may be a little longer and the fee is £210.


Home visits for Rewind can be discussed, fees start at £250 and PPE will be used.


Transformational Wrap-Around Package

Contact Lisa for a no-obligation, free call (15mins) to see if this is the right service for you


Full KGH Course, breastfeeding class, pregnancy discussion & birth planning session, postnatal package plus Power Types profile test & debrief and two further coaching sessions (to be completed by 6 months postnatally) - £795 via Zoom (value over £1000, payment plan available)

More information about the PowerTypes here:


Home visits for some parts of this package can be discussed, additional fees will apply


Evolve!  Transformational twelve week coaching programme

Full details here:
Fees currently held at £1500, payment plan available.
Book a no-obligation Curiosity Call (30min) to see if this is the right programme for you.