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"This is hard, but we can do hard things."

Becoming a new parent is glorious and challenging - the realisation that you've made something so gorgeous, swiftly followed by anxieties that you're doing a good job and the frequent bone-aching tiredness.

That's the reality for many even during 'normal' times.

To do it all through a pandemic, maybe isolated from family and friends, is super-hard. Add to that the other challenges of living with the Covid restrictions: maybe working from home; maybe having other children at home for extended school closures; maybe self isolating; maybe financial difficulties; often just being together as a couple more than ever before - we're now talking industrial-strength-hard.

Even as the restrictions ease and we get to see friends and families again I anticipate the challenges will be different rather than removed entirely - especially as you're navigating the new way of things with a new, or newish, baby.

I just want to remind you all how awesome you are and share this article:

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