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Replenishing for real resilience

"Overwork and exhaustion are the opposite of resilience."

The article quoted talks about the importance of 'recovery' between periods of work or effort: Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure

Physical rest isn't enough by itself, there has to be an opportunity for the mind and emotions to recover too.

The article addresses the way that resilience is often thought of as the ability to keep going - one of the reasons I hate the way it's used by some employers - whereas real resilience is making sure to stop, take breaks & recover.

With clients I talk a lot about 'replenishing' in a variety of ways - an active refilling of our internal resources so that we have plenty of energy for doing what we need. This is a foundational piece in my coaching programmes and workshops where we look at what we need to feel ok.

What replenishing looks like can vary - it might be getting extra sleep, going dancing, laughing like a drain with friends, playing with the dog, or any number of other activities that fill us up.

How do you replenish?

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