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I've been pondering for a long time about the name of this website and my business - I love what it means to me and the women who choose to work with me.

However, I also recognise that not everyone who is pregnant, birthing or lactating identifies as a woman and I am more than happy (in fact I feel very privileged) to support people who identify differently.

I may not be perfect at this, my identity as a mother, a woman, a midwife and a coach is shaped and influenced by my experience of being a white, cis-gendered, straight, able-bodied woman who grew up in the UK and my lived experience is limited by that. This also reflects many of the people I work with and for many of them the act of being pregnant, giving birth, feeding their baby and being a parent is tied up with their beliefs and identity as a woman even if that insects with other aspects of their identity. I want to celebrate with them, support them with the challenges they are facing and help them step into their own unique power so they feel confident in their choices. I am particularly keen that they trust that their bodies work splendidly with the right environment and support.

I want the same for all people regardless of their gender, their ethnicity, their sexuality or any other feature that contributes to their identity but I recognise that some people will have faced very different challenges to me while growing up and developing their sense of who they are.

In some cases I know that the language that comes most naturally to me regarding pregnancy, birth, feeding babies and parenting may not reflect their experience and I try to use additive, inclusive language when speaking generally - I'm working my way through my website to update it but it inevitably takes time. For all clients I aim to use language that they feel comfortable with and that makes sense to them. If you are a trans or non-binary person wanting to access pregnancy or postnatal support with me please be confident that I will endeavour to serve you in a heartfelt way, and if I make mistakes in the language that I use I am keen to do better so please point it out.

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