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Confident Breastfeeding Antenatal Class

Ok, I've had a few enquiries recent about group classes. Finding a venue is still a bit tricky - but I'm open to suggestions if anybody has a great idea let me know - so I'm doing an online Confident Breastfeeding Class in August. This is great for first-time parents or those who want to know more than they did last time. We look at: * how breastfeeding works (hint - it's pretty amazing!), * the baby's role and what their behaviour is all about, * the realities of life with a newborn, * how to get a comfortable and effective latch (it really isn't supposed to cause damage), * how to recognise when it's going well, * where to get extra help if needed. It's the first time I've done payment through FB and it wasn't as simple as you might think. The Zoom link will be sent out a few days before the event. The workshop is on Wednesday 18th August 2021, on Zoom at 19.00-21.00. The fee is just £25 and you can bring your partner too.

I also do 1:1 sessions for those who'd prefer to go through their own previous breastfeeding experience in more detail while planning for next time - get in touch if you want more details. Many people who do one of my classes or workshops in pregnancy don't need additional support when baby arrives - but postnatal support is available if you need it and of course you'll already know me a bit by then (always feels good to know the person helping you).

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