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Online & Offline Communities

If you've found my site because you're interested in KG Hypnobirthing you might like to know about the KGH Facebook group - it's open to anybody interested in hypnobirthing, whichever school you're following and whether you attend a class or not.

One of the loveliest things is that people post their birth stories to inspire and encourage other women who are using hypnobirthing. There have been some fantastic stories recently including a short film that I've shared on my own FB page if you want to jump straight there. In the group there's also the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences and Katharine Graves often shares articles or information.

Another place to find inspiring birth stories is the Positive Birth Movement which was set up by Milli Hill to allow women to share their knowledge and positive stories of birth. There are free groups all around the country, I attend the Cardiff and Caerphilly group which meets in Taff's Well and they also have a Facebook page if you can't get to meetings. If you're not in my area you can look up your nearest group here.

Milli Hill has also written a book to help women work out what are the right choices for them and how to get it... this is what much of the KGH course covers and Milli's book complements KG Hypnobirthing beautifully. The Positive Birth Book is available from Wordery* and other online sellers.

Of course Facebook is full of groups that span the world and there are plenty of other birth and parenting groups to join if you want to - often these groups and communities are a lifeline after you've had your baby because, in the early days at least, your routine is all over the place but it's always good to know that there's somebody else awake and dealing with a topsy turvy life. If you're breastfeeding I find UKBAPs is a good group - the women there are generally knowledgeable and supportive and the admins are effective if needed.

Wherever you find your tribe, your village or your community it's good to know you're not alone and that there is support available every day of the year.

*I have an affiliate account with Wordery - there's no additional cost to you but I earn a small commission which helps to pay for my website hosting.

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