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As a Coach, I work with women at all stages of life to help them feel more confident and effective - at home, at work, in their families and relationships.  Many are mothers or grappling with what mothering means to them.  All have a huge sense of responsibility and have often been putting others first for some time.

They often find me when they are stretched too thin and know that something has to change.  Life has become an endurance test and they don't much like how they are feeling or where it's taking them.

I work with them to bring balance and joy back into their lives so that they have more confidence, more energy and more skills to navigate the path they choose.

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Five Easy Ways to a Less Frazzled Life

Do you push through, even when exhausted, so that everything gets done but you end up feeling wiped out?  Does life feel like a whirlwind of meeting other people’s needs and deadlines and expectations?

The One of Many™ tools I use myself and with clients help us to think, react and behave in more helpful ways to the challenges we all face.  Allowing us to feel better about ourselves, get more done with less stress and, often, get better results from those around us too.  What’s not to like?

Part of the framework for this way of working is a idea that we can cultivate aspects of ourselves that are there all the time but that we may not be using well.

I’d like to introduce you briefly to five strong, feminine archetypes – at One of Many™ we call them PowerTypes™ – who can help us tackle life in a more relaxed, yet powerful, way.  For each one I’ve included a short activity that might help you get through difficult days feeling less frazzled than usual.  Just click the button and I'll send you a PDF.

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